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    ng law firm born inRio de Janeiro could not trace its inception to a more picturesque place, an apartment overlooking Ipanema Beach, more precisely at the foot of Vinícius de Moraes Street.

    There, nearly 20 years ago Eduardo Chalfin, later the firm’s founding partner, offered an intern position to Ilan Goldberg, then in his second year of law school. The two have been working together ever since.

    In reality, the firm started as an extension of a traditional real estate administration company headed by Eduardo. Its first home was a small office located in the rear of a business arcade in Copacabana, a district where there were (and are) virtually no other law firms.

    In 2000, Eduardo invited Ilan, then 23 years old and fresh out of law school, to be his partner in the firm (he went from intern to partner in a single step). Ilan promptly accepted. Shortly thereafter, an old friend, Eric Dias, also joined, and the firm became a threesome. As often happens, the first couple of years were hard.

    At the start of 2003, Eric Dias sold his interest to Ilan, who along with Eduardo then sold a one-third interest in the firm to Clara Vainboim, forming a new trio of partners.

    Even before then, Ilan had started his activities in insurance law, more precisely in 1998, when (still as an intern) he began working on some small cases for a traditional Brazilian insurer.

    Several years later, representation that was restricted to just a few cases for a single insurer had expanded to hundreds of cases of all sizes, covering a considerable part of the Brazilian insurance market. In parallel, based on the solid work of Eduardo Chalfin and Clara Vainboim, the firm also made strong inroads in the banking sector, while maintaining its original real estate practice.

    This growth was further spurred in 2004 with the arrival of Paulo Maximilian, with notable practical and academic experience in banking and consumer law. In 2012 the firm welcomed two more key arrivals: Priscila Fichtner, as a partner, and Márcia Mannheimer, as a consultant, both with strong practical and academic experience, notably in the labor and real estate areas.


  • Now, nearly 17 years after its formal establishment, the firm has modern offices with the latest infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo (opened in 2006), Vitória (2003) and Curitiba (2014), able to meet the needs of its clients throughout the country and in the main cities of Latin America, United States and Europe, the fruit of many international partnerships forged over the years. The number of partners is also commensurately larger, with the addition of Antonio José Monteiro Gaspar, Sari Franco, Mirela Saar Câmara, Carlos Renato Godoy, Glaura Cristina Carvalho e Silva and Beresford Martins Moreira Neto.

    The firm thus no longer relies only on the expertise and experience of its founding partners. It is a true meritocracy, with emphasis on organic growth and transparent relations among all staff members, practice areas and types of services. The management duties are entrusted to executive and regional committees, with democratic participation of all.

    A sociedade, assim, não se encerra nas pessoas dos sócios fundadores. A cultura é com vistas à sua perpetuação sem solução de continuidade. O capital intelectual de cada colaborador é relevante e merecedor de todo o reconhecimento.

    Acreditamos na meritocracia e na transparência entre todos os nossos colaboradores, áreas de atuação e modelos de negócios, o que se exterioriza em nossos comitês executivo e regionais, com participação democrática de todos e ênfase no crescimento orgânico. 

    A sociedade, atualmente, é reconhecida por seus clientes e colegas pelas atividades que desenvolve, dispondo de uma eficiente infraestrutura no Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo (abertura em 2006), Vitória – ES (2003) e Curitiba (2014), estando apta a atender às necessidades de seus clientes em todo o país e nas principais capitais da América Latina, Estados Unidos da América e Europa,